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Once there was a grown man who lived in a closet. Well, it wasn't a real closet. He only used the closet as a secret entrance to his underground lair of steam tunnels where he was able to...

Once there was a grown man who lived in a closet. Well, it wasn't a real closet. He only used the closet as a secret entrance to his underground lair of steam tunnels where he was able to pursue his interests in math and science with no interruption from the outside world. And he wasn't a real man, only a character in the 80's teen movie "Real Genius." What is real is that more than 20 years after the film was released a band in Denver would name themselves after this memorable character. His name was Hollyfeld... Lazlo Hollyfeld. Lazlo's Denver descendants, calling themselves The Hollyfelds, departed from the musical style of the 80's film they took their name from and instead went for a more traditional sound...a country sound...a neo-traditional country sound (tempered with a hefty dose of folk and Americana and just a touch of bluegrass, all anchored by solid pop hooks). The Hollyfelds (henceforth referred to as "we" or "our") started with a marriage and then moved on to other instances of destiny. How we all came together is pretty boring. Husband and wife musicians...blah blah blah...met boy and girl musicans...blah blah blah...remembered poker buddy musican...bob formed. In May of 2006 we officially formed and quickly recorded our EP, "File Under 'H' For Toy". Soon after we started playing shows around Colorado, mainly in the Denver area, but we also rocked Laporte pretty hard. Then in October of 2007 we prepared to record our debut full length release. We began looking at studios in the Denver area, but none of them seemed to be what we were looking for, and we wondered where we would find a studio and producer who was right for us. Then one day that producer contacted us. Ric Hordinski, best known for his work with artists such as Over the Rhine, Victoria Williams, Robbie Fulks and David Wilcox, contacted us and asked if we would want to come to his studio, The Monastery, and record with him in Cincinnati, OH. Needless to say we were very excited, in addition to the above artists, Ric had also been nominated for a Grammy in 2003, and had shared the stage with legends such as Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. We headed out to Ohio in late October in a borrowed RV and over the course of 4 days recorded the 12 songs which would make up the album Saratoga. After recording, the tracks were sent to Masaki, best known for his work with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, to be mastered in the San Francisco area. Finally the album was done, and Saratoga will be released in early 2008 with a great CD release show being planned. In 2008 we will keep playing as many live shows as we can. In the past we've been lucky enough to play at venues such as Backyard BBQ, Private Party, The Bluebird Theater, Bender's Tavern, Cricket on the Hill, The Larimer Lounge, The Hi-Dive, the Meadowlark Lounge, the Oriental Theater, the D Note, Surfside 7, and Swing Station. We have been fortunate to share the stage with many of the extremely talented people who call Colorado home, as well as a few national artists such as Slim Cessna's Auto Club (Alternative Tentacles), The Railbenders, The Be Good Tanyas (Nettwerk), Bobby Bare Jr. (Bloodshot Records), Dusty Rhodes and the River Band (Side One Dummy Records), and Panda and Angel (Jade Tree). We were also nominated in the Westword Music Showcase in the "Country / Alt-Country" category. Our main, all consuming goal at the moment is to get people to pronounce and spell our beautiful name correctly. Just remember...there is no "i" in "team" or in "Hollyfelds," but there ARE three "L's".