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  “Say what you will about Peter Hook, the man has got balls….It was most enjoyable to revisit these albums….for those in the audience who had been too young or not even...



“Say what you will about Peter Hook, the man has got balls….It was most enjoyable to revisit these albums….for those in the audience who had been too young or not even born when these albums were released, this was clearly a welcome opportunity to get the flavour of these musical riches in concert…after two hours, Hook signed off with Temptation and a suitably heroic finale of New Order’s biggest hit, Blue Monday.” The Times

Beginning their “Movement” and “Power, Corruption & Lies” world tour following select, sold out UK dates in early 2013, Peter Hook & The Light are to begin their acclaimed performances of the first two New Order albums first to North American audiences with a string of dates in September 2013.

This is the third full tour undertaken by The Light following their very well received live appearances performing the Joy Division albums “Unknown Pleasures” in December 2010 and “Closer” in September 2011 whilst Hooky himself enjoyed a successful author tour in the United States in February this year following the publication of “Unknown Pleasures – Inside Joy Division” which made the New York Times Bestseller list the same month.

Since the launch of the tour, further dates have been added in Ferndale, Michigan and Austin, Texas, so The Light begin in Boston, 10th September, taking in Ferndale, New York, Philadelphia, Riot Fest in Chicago where the band perform a tour exclusive Joy Division set, Austin, Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Decibel Festival in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and finishing in Denver 28th September.

For fans in Chicago and those attending Riot Fest, it has just been announced that The Light will also perform both of the New Order albums at an aftershow the night of the festival at Double Door in the windy city on Sunday 15th September.

Following their North American tour, The Light decamp to South America with dates inMexico,Chile,Argentina,BrazilandPerubefore returning to theUKandEuropefor their first full tours of the albums.

As with The Light’s previous shows, both of the seminal albums are to be performed in full, sequential order and will also include all of the singles and B-sides from New Order’s early period including the post Joy Division debut single “Ceremony” and “In A Lonely Place”, the raw, futuristic “Everything’s Gone Green” and the band’s two breakthrough hits which came between the two albums, “Temptation” and “Blue Monday”.

Looking to reproduce the albums and materially as faithfully as possible, on “Movement” The Light stay true to the techniques and tricks employed by Martin Hannett on the final album he was to produce for Hooky and co. “Movement’s reputation has grown stronger amongst fans since release for its experimentation showing the bridge between Joy Division’s and New Order’s material and Peter Hook took vocals on two of the album's key tracks, opener “Dreams Never End” and the seminal “Doubts Even Here”.

“New Order produced a ghostly, brittle record, occasionally uptempo but never upbeat, with drum machines rattling and echoing over dark waves of synthesizers and Hook's basswork. A masterpiece in the career of any other post-punk band.” All Music

With 2013 marking three decades since it was released, whereas Movement is considered a Joy Division record with New Order vocals, “Power Corruption & Lies’” use of emerging electronic sounds was regarded as a great leap forward and a revolution in sound for the band, especially when with the international hit that was “Blue Monday” released the same year.

Widely critically praised, Rolling Stone termed “Power, Corruption & Lies” “a landmark album of danceable, post-punk music”, and the album contains many of the fans favourite LP tracks including the soulful, organic “Age Of Consent” and the sublime electronic ballad “Your Silent Face”, as well as the technologically advanced “586” and “The Village” while it ends with Hooky’s favourite ever New Order track “Leave Me Alone”.

“New Order could craft songs on two opposite ends of the mood spectrum, with almost equal adeptness. Power, Corruption & Lies was a huge leap forward for New Order, and remains one of the most affecting and influential alternative albums of its era.” Sputnik Music

About revisiting the lesser known tracks from his early period Hooky commented.

“Some of the album tracks and lesser known singles are absolutely fantastic and as good as what you might call the commercial hits, some of it’s a lot better in truth. I think that “Everything’s Gone Green” is a much better song than “Blue Monday”. I think when you look at songs like “Your Silent Face” or “Leave Me Alone”; they’re actually better songs than what New Order picked for the singles. I see them all as one big collection and songs like “Hurt”, “Ecstacy” or “Procession”, there’s so many songs that were being ignored which was a great pity.

“It seems that people seem to have an appetite for the fact that you’re playing the songs as per the record as well as for the album format which seems very undervalued nowadays. It’s funny now that I seem to get the blame now for other people doing it, people go “Oh it’s Peter Hook’s fault”, that really does make me laugh.”

The Windish Agency presents Peter Hook & The Light performing New Order's 'Movement' and 'Power, Corruption & Lies' – North America 2013 Tour Dates

September 10 – Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA.

September 11 – The Magic Bag,Ferndale,MI.

September 13 – Webster Hall,New York City,NY.

September 14 – The Trocadero,Philadelphia,PA.

September 15 – Riot Fest,Chicago,IL. (US Exclusive Joy Division Set)

September 15 -  Double Door,Chicago,Il(Riot Show Aftershow)

September 17 – The Belmont,Austin,Texas

September 18 – Club Soda,Montreal,QC.

September 19 – The Hoxton,Toronto,ON.

September 21 – Fonda Theatre,Los Angeles,CA.

September 23 – Venue,Vancouver,BC.

September 25 – Decibel Festival, Neumos,Seattle,WA.

September 26 – Wonder Ballroom,Portland,OR.

September 27 – Mezzanine,San Francisco,CA.

September 28 – Gothic Theatre, Denver, CO.


Support at all headline dates will come from 'Slaves of Venus'.

All dates feature “Movement” and “Power, Corruption & Lies” performed in full apart from Riot Fest inChicagowhich will see Hooky and his band play a tour exclusive Joy Division set.

Fans can hear a preview of what to expect in September by downloading Peter Hook & The Light's new live album, 'Movement' and 'Power, Corruption & Lies' live at Manchester Cathedral, which can be purchased at A free track, “Everything’s Gone Green” from the album is also available to download here. / /

Peter Hook & The Light “Movement” & “Power, Corruption & Lies”–Reviews

“Hooky is the Rock God of bass players. His performance at North London’s Koko had far more energy than last summer’sHyde Parkshow by the rest of New Order. He closed with a triumphant Temptation and the inevitable encore of Blue Monday. You've still got it, Hooky.” The Sun

“Hook & The Light took to the stage with an unfussy and businesslike demeanour that they maintained throughout the show. This was a show about musical excellence and there was no need for showboating. Hook (or ‘Hooky’ as one felt by the end that one ought to call him just so as not to feel like an outsider), sporting a check shirt and jeans and still wearing his bass slung at just above knee-level, acknowledged the roar of the crowd with a wave but he wasn’t feeling conversational. He had the look of a man who had a serious job to do and would not welcome interruptions.” QRO Mag

“Hooky’s defining bass and surprisingly assured and great vocals find a whole new meaning in his back catalogue….. What Hooky has done is grab these songs by the scruff of the neck and give them a punkiness with his bass driving the songs with an added raw power….Tonight is a real triumph -A romp through a back catalogue should never be this good but Hooky has made these songs have a very different narrative and put a whole new heart and soul into them” Louder Than War

“Hook swings the bass from side to side with passion during “Temptation”, stomps the stage like a dinosaur during “Dreams Never End” and it’s clear from the vocals he’s still got one hell of a roar, a guttural lungful of force adding extra weight to “Senses”, “Truth” and “Doubts Even Here” too. “As the set moves into “Power, Corruption & Lies”, via the squelching synths of “Everything’s Gone Green”, the cathedral becomes an incongruous rave setting with a few nostalgic acid house heads dancing like it’s 1989.  NME “The most fascinating thing about the gig is hearing the journey between Joy Division and the classic New Order sound over the course of two hours. The transition from a debut album track, 'Senses' for example, via the inter-album singles like 'Everything’s Gone Green' to 'Age of Consent' and the sudden confidence of the synth/rock/indie sound is really compelling to hear live.” Artrocker

“The result is new tracks that are ghostly reminders of a different time. But the gloomy, melodic sounds and trait beats were instantly recognisable .....the drumming was fantastic and the arrangements near flawless.” Clash.

“There was never any doubt that this gig by the New Order legend and his band was to be something quite extraordinary….there was certainly an air of eager anticipation that this was an event, a happening, a moment in history….his bouncing, bending stage presence gave this whole performance the urgency and, aptly, movement that it might be said is lacking in the ‘other’ New Order’s live performances of the past year.” ManchesterEvening News.